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     Natural Earth Eco Living Charter for Light Living


“Creating a New Way of Living”
Garden Villages
Living in the palm of nature.​

Many feel the need to live on the earth in a new way, more connected to nature.

With the ability to own an affordable eco home and piece of land.

Re-aligning ourselves with a more holistic, respectful and harmonious connection with the earth.



  • To provide the opportunity to own a low cost eco house and adjoining plot for a forest garden/ permaculture/ organic/ biodynamic/flower garden.

  • To increase personal and local food security in environmentally friendly ways, including seed saving.

  • To protect and enhance existing environments and habitats.

  • To ensure housing utilities and everyday living creates a reduced environmental impact and lessened ongoing financial costs, through read bead systems, low heating housing approaches etc.

  • Food plots and eco villages can become at least 50% self sufficient including reduced impact in terms of heating/ water/ food/ work, reduced packaging/ waste and composting.

  • To enable people or projects big or small to be able to purchase and own affordable land for the purposes of living within the umbrella of the Natural Earth Eco Living Charter of Light and connected Living.

  • To combine together the best of nature living with the best of modern advancements in living/ housing to bring together a comfortable, yet more self sustaining, integrated approach to life and living in closer relationship with nature.

  • To ensure high soil quality.

  • To increase tree planting.

  • To create employment and livelihoods skills training.

  • To encourage eco tourism.

  • To encourage artisans, skilled makers and small food artisans.

  • To embrace ethical businesses, trade & exchange.

  • To not put profit before people, animals and the environment.

  • To support and create places for people with special needs.

  • To support light living, considerate growing, making, ethical businesses and cooperatives in towns, cities and villages

  • To support our farmers who feed the nation.

  • To help support and encourage small scale family farming, organic farming etc, helping to increase wildlife and supporting considerate animal welfare practices.

  • To evolve eco living projects in association with existing consenting farms and landowners.

  • To promote improved soil quality including the mycelium fungal layer.

  • To encourage food growing in urban areas, towns and cities, to increase personal and local food security and nature restoration projects.

  • To use and promote nature seeds rather than modified seeds.

  • To promote low to no harmful chemical usage.

  • To encourage seed saving.

  • To ensure small scale family farming, farm shops, farmers markets, delivery boxes and small scale food outlets.

  • To ensure traditional small scale farming methods and ensure traditional skills are not lost from farmers and growers.


  • To help protect forests, living eco systems, encourage local eco forest food growing and eco living plots world wide.

  • To help encourage growing in small spaces, allotments, gardens, community areas and container/pot growing.

  • Courses on food storing and preserving.

  • To promote extra food production for selling and trade.

  • To ensure there is always high quality, wholesome foods available for all, wherever you may live on the earth.

  • To be able to help and feed those who may be affected by food shortages or difficulties etc for whatever reason.

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