Natural Earth

Eco Living

Garden Villages 

We are planning our First Pilot Projects

to create

Affordable, Sustainable Eco Homes

Surrounded by Nature 

Encouraging a Lighter Way of Living on the Earth.

Garden Village Projects

Set within a Farm or Land.

Homes and surroundings for a

Natural Way of Living and Being.

We propose within our Eco Living Farm Projects to provide:

Affordable Eco Housing with Plots

Forest Gardens & Permaculture, Organic Growing,

Flower Gardens & Tree Planting with an

Education Centre for Hosting Courses & Conferences

in Holistic Subjects and Sustainable Courses.

Cafe and Organic Shop & Entertainment Center for

Films, Concerts & Workshops.

Places that support people with special needs.

Healing & Retreat Center with Spa & Aromatherapy and Herb Gardens.

Animal Wildlife Areas and Sanctuary's.

We will be Improving and Enhancing the Land and the Surrounding Environment.

Supporting and Increasing Biodiversity & Restoring and Maintaining Soil Health.

 Places to live, visit and enjoy.

Light Living in
Eco Garden Village Settings.