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Natural Earth

Eco Living

Garden Villages 

We are planning our First Pilot Projects

to create

Affordable, Sustainable Eco Homes

Surrounded by Nature 

Encouraging a Lighter Way of Living on the Earth.

Garden Village Projects

 Within Farm Settings

or Land.

Homes and Surroundings

for a

Natural Way of Living and Being.

We propose within our Eco Living Farm Projects to provide:

Affordable Eco Housing with Plots

Food Forests & Permaculture, Organic Growing,

Flower Gardens & Tree Planting with an

Education Centre for Hosting Courses & Conferences

in Holistic Subjects and Sustainable Courses.

Cafe and Organic Shop & Entertainment Center for

Films, Concerts & Workshops.

Places that support people with special needs.

Healing & Retreat Center with Spa & Aromatherapy and Herb Gardens.

Animal Wildlife Areas and Sanctuary's.

We will be Improving and Enhancing the Land and the Surrounding Environment.

Supporting and Increasing Biodiversity & Restoring and Maintaining Soil Health.


Helping to encourage existing towns,cities & villages to create their own forest food gardens.

Places where we all live embracing holistic, low impact and fair communities for all.

 Places to live, visit and enjoy.

Light Living in
Eco Garden Village Settings.

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